Welcome To The Brand New QueerClique!

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, we're bringing back our beloved QueerClique.


Welcome! Thank you for joining the brand new QueerClique.

We wanted to do something special for our 15th anniversary, and what better way is there than to revive our once uber popular social network QueerClique which we ran almost a decade ago?

Is anyone here a member of the original QueerClique? If you were a member, do leave us a comment below! Don't you miss those simpler Internet days?

Amidst the continued proliferation of new platforms, apps and nodes of e-communication, the maturing (and increased policing of "sensitive" contents) of existing mainstays, the shutting down of Tumblr, there's a real need for a gay and adult friendly social network where we can fully express ourselves. A place where we can feel safe about posting, sharing, and consuming all sorts of contents.

We feel it is timely for QueerClique to return. Thank you for your support through the years. So many of you "grew up" with QueerClick.

We hope you enjoy our latest "toy" and find joy in using it.

Editor D